Parenting Speaker Event Nov 13

This year’s Edina PCN National Speaker Forum is on Tuesday, November 13th at 7pm.

Dr. David Walsh, will offer information about 21st century challenges facing families today. In Parenting with the Brain in Mind, Dr. Walsh will translate groundbreaking discoveries in neuroscience into practical parenting advice about learning, emotions, memory and connection. Specific topics include: Parenting in a technology age, (cyberbullying, sexting, screen addiction); multi-tasking & focused attention; self-discipline; tween & teen brain development.

Dr. Walsh is a leading authority on the impact of technology and media on children’s development. He is the founder of Mind Positive Parenting, the former National Institute on Media & the Family, and the author of 9 books including the national best-seller Why Do They Act That Way?.

The PCN forum will be held Tuesday, November 13 at 7:00 PM at Colonial Church, 6200 Colonial Way, Edina. Tickets are $15 in advance at or $20 at the door.