A Value Added Life

Can’t find the spring in your step?  Living a life that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? 

Consider adding something to your life that would increase its value.  Are you missing out in relationships with depth, in your spiritual connections, in giving to others or nurturing yourself?  Are you spending hours in a job that is inconsistent with your personal goals or morals?  Do you have hobbies and interests that you haven’t indulged in for a long time?  These value added life factors are important to life satisfaction.

The business world speaks often of “value added” in terms of production – – – at each stage of the production process, businesses want to understand what value is added at that particular time.  Consider the same for your life.  Given where you are in your life at this very moment, what is the next piece of value that you could add to your life?  Make sure it’s manageable and able to be accomplished so that you can glean from that value and move forward with a little more spring in your step.