Persistence Pays

Kids seem to learn something new all the time (although sometimes they learn things we don’t want them to know, but that’s not the point!)  Part of this learning comes from their willingness to try over and over again.

I’m reminded of this when I go downhill skiing.  Mountains that look daunting to me are tackled with ease by the ‘mogul mice’ on the same run.  The kids don’t seem to be thinking about all of the painful things that could happen if they fall or ram into the towering aspens and pines – – the kids look pretty fearless.  They are living in the moment, breathing the crisp air, enjoying the great outdoors and having fun.  Before the sun passes behind the mountain peaks, they may go down the same run 50 times in order to master their balance, speed and direction.  They are tenacious.

As we age, some of us can become impatient, wanting new skills and lessons to come more quickly and easily than they do.  Yet impatience can lead to significant frustration.  Perhaps, in our curiosity of the world, we can remind ourselves that our persistence in trying new things may pay off in the future if we give it ample time.

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.  (Jim Watkins)