Contact Dr. Ackard

How to contact Licensed Psychologist Dr Diann Ackard:

You may contact me at diann at diannackard dot com, or by calling 763.595.7294 extension 111 (please note this is a land line, thus texts cannot be received).

Please provide your full name, multiple means of contacting you (noting the best ways and times to reach you), and any other information that you wish to share, such as the concerns that you wish to focus on in psychotherapy treatment.  Oftentimes, I find it helpful to know a little bit about you, and then to have a more detailed telephone conversation to discuss what you are looking for in a psychologist, what your goals are for therapy, and answer any other questions that you may have.  As I consider psychotherapy to be a collaborative approach between you and me, it is essential that you feel that I may be able to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

I am typically available weekdays during normal business hours, but please allow 1-2 business days for return phone and email messages.  I do not answer my phone when I am in session with a client; therefore it may be difficult to reach me in person.  Thus, please give me a few windows of time when it may be ideal to reach you, and I will do my best to reach you during those times.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to our work together.